Code of Conduct

Endorsed by
The Virginia Professional Photographers Association

To observe the highest standards of integrity in all transactions, avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate or misleading terms, descriptions and claims.

To maintain a dignity of manner in behavior, in the presentation of services, in all forms of public contact including personal appearance and that of the studio or place of business.

To endeavor to produce images of a quality equal or superior to the samples on display, to provide the best possible photographic services and to raise the general standard of photographic craftsmanship.

To assist and cooperate with fellow professional imagemakers by sharing knowledge or aiding in any difficulties.  To encourage and expect other VPPA members to uphold the highest standards of the profession.

To subscribe to the Federal Trade Commission rules of Fair Competitive Practices for the professional photographic industry.

To recognize the authority of this Association in all matters relating to the interpretation of this Code

To discontinue immediately the use of the Association’s name, seal, logo or emblem if membership lapses or is revoked. Under these circumstances, no attempt may be made to claim or to infer membership in this organization.

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