Affiliate Recruitment Program

Did you know you can earn extra revenue for your Association!   Let PPA help!

VPPA can earn a commission every time you promote PPA's benefits to non-PPA members and they join as a new member through your affiliate asociation. 

This is how it works:

1. Promote PPA membership at meetings and conventions. Help spread awareness about all the additional benefits prospective members can receive if they also become PPA members.

2. Give prospective members your affiliate’s pre-coded PPA application (codes are used for tracking purposes), and encourage them to join using this application. Pre-coded applications can be requested by email,  (type "Virginia PPA" in the top right corner of the application)

3. Let your prospective members know that when they join as a new PPA member with the pre-coded application, they are helping VPPA which is a PPA Affiliate Association!

4. Send the application to PPA. You can have the new PPA member give you the application to a District Governor or Board Member to send in or they can send it themselves.

5. For every new PPA member recruited, PPA will pay VPPA a commission based on the type of membership:

$50 for Professional Active members

$25 for Aspiring or Additional Associate members

6. PPA will track and send the VPPA Executive Treasurer commission monies earned at the end of each calendar year. The program resets on January 1 of each year, so be sure to have those applications in by the end of December.

Please Note the Following:

This recruiting opportunity cannot be combined with any other PPA membership promotional program. The affiliate commission replaces any “join now and get a discount” offers from PPA.

“New PPA members” are defined as individuals who are not currently PPA members and have not been PPA members within the past two years.


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