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Category Classifications

a.  Portrait of a Man:  Adult Man (Image with pets or animals allowed)

b.  Portrait of a Woman: Adult Woman (Image with pets or animals allowed)

c.   Portrait of a Child: Portrait of one (1) Child. Can be an image with pets or animals.

d.  Portrait of a Group: Includes more than one person of any age group, with or without animals.

e.  Portrait of Pets or Animals: All animal photographs, individuals or groups of animals, wild or tame, large or small. People should not be the center of interest

f.    Portrait of a Bride: Brides photographed in the studio, outdoors, indoors or on location. Bridal portraits made on the wedding must be entered in Social Event Portrait.  There should be no other people in the photograph.

g.  Portrait of High School Senior: Only portraits made in the studio, outdoors, indoors or on location of an individual high school senior are eligible for this category. They may be composites, if desired. 

h.  Social Event Portrait: Posed portraits made at a social event. They may be of individuals or groups, including but not limited to brides, grooms, family members, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah participants, or groups, and wedding parties.

 i.   Social Event Candid: Candid photographs made on a wedding day, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or other social  event. The purpose of this category is to show     how well a photographer  can operate under the pressure of a social event.

j.  Architectural:  Photographs of building exteriors, interiors, or architectural details.

k. Illustrative: Includes photographs which could be used for advertising in fliers, brochures, greeting cards, calendars, printed matter of all types and websites.  Subject matter is a varied as the category.

l.  Pictorial: Scenic or landscape photographs, still life, or close-ups of the natural world; people may be in the images, but should not be the center of interest. 

m. Photojournalism: All images made “on the spot”, except for social event photography.   Subjects may be crowds, individuals, street scenes, fires or accidents, racing or athletic events; these are typically the types of images seen in newspapers and news magazines.

n. Creative: Anything goes here as long as it is legal, within the boundaries of good taste and is creative.

o.  Artist: A conceptual image altered or manipulated from its original condition.  Creations can be a subtle application using post processing techniques, or a dramatic combination of details to suggest a larger story.  The artist is responsible for the idea behind the image and the work done to create the finished art piece.  Designed to judge the technique of the artist. An entry in this category must include a compilation of parts, steps or stages used to make up the image on the front side, top or bottom of the image file. The maker will be judged on how well he/she handled the medium used in the image. This category will include enhancements/ restoration, composited images and single image files.

p. Commercial/Industrial: These are photographs made for advertising or for depicting activities associated        with business, industry, sales, marketing, commerce, etc.

q.  Albums:  Two Categories -

          i.  Event: This sub-category is a collection of images highlighting one or more individuals associated with a social event, and held at a destination other than a studio.   All photographs must be from the same social event like a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.  There may be more than one maker for an Event Album; such an album will count as one entry for each maker and should be so indicated on the entry form.

        ii.   Non-Event:  This sub-category contains a group or selection of images used to express people, places, or things, not specifically in a social setting.  The album should have photographs from the same portrait sitting, commercial assignment, or be a “Day in the Life”, “Baby to Adult”, or High School Senior type album. It could also be a compilation of  images from one trip or one assignment.

        iii.  Event or Non-Event Albums: No photographs entered in an album may be entered as a separate entry in another category at any time.

 r.  Digital Album Entries:

                            i.   Each page/spread may contain as many images as you desire.

                            ii.   An entry may contain up to 36 page/spread and follow the same size requirements as single digital entries (see above number 5 digital entries section)

                             iii.   Files are to be numbered in viewing order using two (2) digits, i.e. 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, etc.

                             iv.  Studio identification or entrants name cannot appear on any part within the album entry.

                             v.  Longest album spread should be sized at 4000 pixels on the longest side and contain a color profile of either sRGB or Adobe 1998

                             vi.  In the case of any Multi-Maker album, images in the album must be the work of the entrants, with a minimum of 20 images per entrant. Multi-Maker albums will be judged as one entry.

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