1st Prize $200

2nd Prize $100

3rd Prize $50

Enter at least 6 images to be eligible.

Questions Directected  To:

Andee Moore - or (804) 222-4111

Jamie Hayes - or (804) 641-1587

Seminar Image Critique

A.      The Annual Summer Seminar will have an image critique for the benefit of members who wish to “test the water” with their images before the Annual Competition.  This critique is run by the Image Salon Chairmen and judges are selected based on their experience and knowledge of image competition rules.

B.      Images shall be submitted according to the guidelines established by the Image Salon Chairman. Fees will also be established and published by the Image Salon Chairman at least 30 days prior to event.  This information will be available on the VPPA website.

C.      The critique is open to all eligible members in all membership categories.

D.      The Summer Seminar Image Critique is designed to encourage all members to show their work as well as enable all members to hone their skills. Having the opportunity to hear suggestions for improvement of their technique gives the makers valuable insight with regard to how their images might fare in the annual image competition. Suggestions heeded should enhance both competition images and work done for clients.  The same images with or without any modifications suggested by the judges may be entered in Virginia’s Annual Image Competition.

E.       The Image Salon Chairmen are in charge of all arrangements for this function. That includes procuring “judges” and committee members if needed.

F.       The Image Critique should be scheduled with the Education Chair with regards to timing and length of critique.

G.      The Image Salon Chair or Co-Chair will oversee all monies collected from the Summer Seminar Image Critique in coordination with the Executive Treasurer or appointed Board member.

H.      All eligible images entered will be scored.   Eligible members entering 6 or more eligible images will qualify for a first, second or third place prize.  No matter how many eligible images you enter, only the top 6 eligible entries will be calculated. 

I.         Any Image scoring 79 or below is eligible for a live verbal critique.  The Maker can say “Critique” and the Jury Chairman will appoint a judge to give a few comments/suggestions as to changes they think could improve the score of the eligible entry.  The Jury Chairman keeps the discussion moving forward and to the point.

J.        Images being judged and discussed will be projected for the audience.

K.       All questions and concerns should be made directly with the Image Salon Chairmen.

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